Jessie Booth and Abby Jaros singing "Let Me Be Your Star" from Smash. Singers: Jessie Booth: @thejessiebooth Abby Jaros: @abbyjaros Camera Operator/Editor: Christina Cody: @luci_cody GHQ Studios: @ghqstudios
i'm the baaad guyyy; 😈 DUH. concept | choreo | direction | styling: Chris Medlin @MrMedlin film | edit: Kevin Chiu @kchiucinematography 🎶Billie Eilish - "Bad Guy" featuring: Chris Medlin Ixchel Cueller Joey Dippel Joomin Hwang Abby Jaros Karma Jenkins Maya Kazzaz Corey Rives Tovi Wayne *I do not own the rights to this music.
Christopher Rice (Broadway's The Book of Mormon) gets #Tappy to Meghan Trainor's "Bang Dem Sticks" BANG DEM TAPS Directed and Choreographed by: Christopher Rice Assistant Choreographer: Bryan Hunt Director of Photography: Eric Mann Featuring: Beth Crandall (West Side Story), Andrew Hodge (A Chorus Line tour) Bryan Hunt (Billy Elliot tour)

WORK is about the give and take of a modern romance. Shot by Brandon York at 139 Fulton Studios Music, "Work" by Charlotte Day Wilson Choreographed by Stephen Brower Danced by Abby Jaros and Stephen Brower Directed by Grady McLeod Bowman and Stephen Brower Subscribe for more
UCF Senior Showcase "Dream Roles Concert 2014" - performance and choreography by Abby Jaros
This video is about Abby Jaros Spider Woman Reel


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